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ìEverything PureBlend does is innovative; right down to the name badges.î

—Robert L. Newhart II,  CEO
The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center Image This is a company that thinks way outside the box. Theyíre not just marketing pros, web gurus, or graphics wizardsó but a skillful blend of that and more. We asked PureBlend to help with our biannual COiN Venture Forum event. Of course they created OiC-branded PowerPoint ìmoviesî. Of course they created the graphic stuff (invitiations, event books, badges, and the like). But they anticipated our needsó building nothing short of a reusable, database-driven event creation system (that ammortizes the effort over the next several years of events).
The Innovation Center Image
The Innovation Center Image

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The Innovation Center

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1. COiN Venture Forum

2. Connect Oregon Investor Network

3. Free Radicals of Innovation Video

4. Free Radicals Packaging

5. i2F Brochure

6. iBox Brochure

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