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Blending Marketing, Design, and Technology

PureBlend is a creative web|graphic|media design firm. Our marketing, design, and technical skills help our clients thrive by transforming each of their communications projects into effective marketing tools. We create websites, corporate identities, ads, graphic materials, video, and presentations.

The Sum is Greater than the Parts

Our mission is to develop a consistent message and image for you— on a per-project basis, amortized over time. Every deliverable (ad, brochure, website) is designed as a component of a unified communications vision. Each deliverable leverages and supports the others, solidly positioning your organization and brand in your customer's mind. Ultimately, this wholistic approach also speeds project development, while reducing wasted effort and cost.

Why “it’s all about Your Brand”

Consistent branding promotes customer awareness. Compelling brand identity sparks customer interest. Customer interest leads to buy-in.

Whether intentional or not, every piece of collateral communicates something. It is our job to make sure that every webpage, brochure, ad, flyer, or presentation communicates your branded message— efficiently and effectively.

We’re not just another bunch of Web Geeks

We offer the efficiency and convenience of collaborating with a single attentive, creative partner. Our specialty is the integration of cyberspace and real world materials.

Although best known for our website development work, our talents span many disciplines and projects: marketing, programming, web/graphic design, illustration, animation, photography, multimedia, video production.


Cliff has over 25 years of media, marketing, software engineering, and entrepreneurial experience. He holds a degree in fine art from the California Institute of the Arts. Between the founding two design and media agencies (ArtWord Graphics in the 1970s, and PureBlend New Media Design Group in 2001), Cliff also launched and ran a pair of technology companies (DublClick Software and BroadCastSoft). In addition to his technology companies’ own products, Cliff designed and developed software for Apple Computer, Symantec, Honeywell, Extensis, and Nova Development Corp. He is well-versed and equally comfortable in the worlds of technology, design, advertising, marketing, and media production.


Eric is a web and application developer. A native Oregonian, Eric founded a web design firm while studying science and technology at the University of Oregon. He joined the BroadCastSoft engineering team, and later followed Cliff Joyce to PureBlend. His professional expertise ranges from digital photography, to UNIX system administration, object-oriented design, and agile development methods. Eric’s passion is to simplify the integration of technology, marketing, and art.


Karen Joyce is an accomplished graphic designer and copywriter with 25 years of west coast experience. Karen co-founded Los Angeles-based ArtWord Graphics with husband Cliff in the 1970s. After the couple sold the ArtWord agency a decade later, Karen worked as a freelance designer (and Mom) until joining Cliff at PureBlend in 2002.