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The ”Free Radicals of Innovation” is a lively 70 minute video that teaches innovation as an intentional process. The program features interviews with over 50 serial innovators, and includes tools, tips, and techniques to help viewers become more innovative— right now, today.
 PureBlend’s Role
We co-produced the Free Radicals with the Innovation Center. PureBlend co-wrote the script. We directed, shot, and edited the footage. We created the motion graphics, and much of the music. We also designed the packaging.
 The Whole Package

Free Radicals is more than a video— it is a complete training package used by corporations and consultants all over the world. The package contains a participants’ workbook, leader’s guide, pocket reminder cards, a CD-ROM, a DVD, and worksheets which accompany training exercises.

You can learn more about the Free Radicals of Innovation online. There, you can preview the video.

Download FreeRadicals_PreviewGuide.pdf
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