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COiN is an organization designed to link Oregon entrepreneurs/businesses together with private investors to fund either new enterprises or growth. The backbone for COiN is an on-line, interactive communication network operating through a closed website.

 Needs and Goals

The COiN public internet site needed to explain what COiN is about, and allow investors and entrepreneurs to apply for membership. Membership applications are reviewed electronically by COiN management, and upon approval new members are automatically emailed login/password information and instructions.

The COiN private backroom site needed to be password protected on a per-member basis. The backroom is powered by a database of entrepreneurs which investors can search using many different criteria such as funding needed, and market served.


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 Site Objectives

  • Automate as much of the site as possible— to keep the COiN staff's labor to a minimum.
  • Easy-to-use mechanism for entrepreneurs to upload their business plans, powerpoints, and other materials for subsequent download by registered investors.
  • Automated way for investors to request access to entrepreneur materials, and for each entrepreneur to grant access to a particular investor.
  • Several email-based discussion groups, with searchable online message archives.
  • The COiN look and feel needed to resemble that of the Oregon Innovation Center (COiN's primary sponsor).
  • Searchable online databases of helpful URLs, and investment resource materials.

 Services Rendered

  • Logo
  • Copy editing
  • Website design & construction
  • Database and server programming
  • Hosting services

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