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Innovation is the backbone of the American economy, yet very few companies know how to do it. Thats where the Oregon Innovation Center's i2f (Innovate to the Future) program steps in. The i2f program integrates behavioural science with business logic to form a framework designed to solve seemingly insolvable business problems.

PureBlend works closely with the OiC to design materials that leverage the i2f process and customize i2f sessions to address the specific problems of i2f clients.

PureBlend designed the brochure as a multi-page 6" x 6" booklet. The brochure was specifically designed to convey the benefits organizations can recieve without using trendy lingo and ethereal concepts. This brought the benefits and call to action down to earth so anyone could understand the end results of the process.

In addition the booklet can be scaled down slightly to work perfectly as a DVD jewel case insert for mailings and leave-behinds.

The OiC has called the brochure the most cogent and effective piece of marketing materials they have ever delivered to potential and repeat clients. We tend to agree.
i2F Brochure
(i2F = Innovate to the Future)

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