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A campaign of curiosity
to promote a strategic alliance

Cinram International

Cinram International Image

When Cinram International (a CD manufacturer) and BroadCastSoft (CD-based e-commerce) launched their ìCinram Digital Deliveryî (CDD) joint venture, they wanted their clients to know. But several in-house communication efforts generated only lackluster client interest.

Cliff Joyce (prior to founding PureBlend) hatched a campaign of curiosity. Cinram and BroadCastSoft sales teams began wearing ìask me about cddî buttons. Nearly every client bit, asking îwhatís cdd?î Sales teams could then respond, briefly describing the product, and handing a demo disc to the client.

Cinram International Image
Cinram International Image

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Cinram International

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1. Ask Me About CDD

2. Cinram Ask Me About CDD

3. Shoutin' In Key Audio/Data CD

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