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Cinram Ask Me About CDD
Marketing Campaign
CDD (Cinram Digital Delivery) is a way to securely sell and deliver bonus content via the unused portion of a CD or DVD. Cinram needed a high-impact, low-cost campaign to promote CDD to their customers and prospects.
 Design Goals
Cliff Joyce (prior to joining PureBlend) designed the Ask Me About CDD 'guerilla marketing' campaign to generate customer interest in the new CDD product line by getting CDD prospects to self identify. It's far easier to address interest in CDD than it is to create it by having a sales team cold-calling.


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Buttons. The original kernel of AskMeAboutCDD for Cinram sales team members to wear AskMeAboutCDD buttons when in the presence of a client, or potential customer. We wanted prospects to ask "what is CDD?".

Logo. We originally designed the logo for use on buttons.

Stickers. We suggested that Cinram place stickers on anything and everything that Cinram customers could see (business cards, quotes, proposals, invoices, cardboard shipping boxes).

Signage. An AskMeAboutCDD sign appears in Cinram's booth at trade shows.

Website. Every page of Cinram's main website contains the AskMeAboutCDD weblink which provides customers more details by taking them to an AskMeAboutCDD website.

Interactive CD-ROM. The CD contains examples of CDD in action, along with narration and brochures.


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