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The Central Oregon Partnership fights to solve the problem of poverty in our region. Part of that fight is raising public awareness about the problem.

When the Partnership sought to establish their presence on the internet, they chose PureBlend to build the site and create materials that would communicate their core values.

  • Design a web site that is easy to navigate and presents information in a friendly manner

  • Create a system for content management that will enable Partnership and Community Action Team staff to add and update information on the website without needing a PhD in 'web-ology'

  • Use the web site as a base for information infrastructure for the entire organization

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    The Partnership now has an extensible communications tool that is used for both internal and external information sharing.

    Using open standards enabled PureBlend to quickly build a site that both fullfilled the Partnership's current needs and will allow them to easily integrate future web-based services to the community.

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