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The Central Oregon Partnership if fighting poverty in Central Oregon. The first step in that fight is to raise public awareness of the issue. The Partnership is embarking on a multi-media campaign to raise the profile of their efforts to combat poverty and issue a call to action to people in Central Oregon who have the resources to help.

The Partnership called on PureBlend to produce this important piece of material.

When the Partnership called on PureBlend to create a signature pamphlet for their awareness campaign we discovered that their needs would be best met with:
  • A visually compelling compilation of the Partnership's own research and messages.
  • Formatting that reflected the Partnership's brand.
  • Cost reduction by using a simple format that could be printed, "just in time" on the Partnership's existing color laser printers
The Partnership now has "leave behind" material that distills their knowledge and message into a familiar format that is easily distributed and easily maintained.

Please click the download link at the bottom of the page to download the complete pamphlet in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Partnership Pamphlet

Download Partnership Brochure.pdf
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