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Familian Development Group

Familian Development Group is a real estate development, construction, and realty business.

With the interest and cooperation of their financial partners, Familian has also developed various other businesses— in addition to the buildings which house them.

 Needs and Goals
Our client's initial need was a simple, attractive online facilities brochure which briefly described the company, their projects, and their other companies.

As the realty portion of their business grew, however, Familian needed a way to provide property listings online. Due to the quick sales cycles involved, the listings had to be quickly and easily updated by Familian staff— who had no interest in becoming web construction gurus.


 Services Rendered

We began by updating the Familian logo, then developed a simple graphical identity which matched the image the company's clients had of them. We architected the website to illustrate its three core businesses: development, construction, and realty, as well as its role as a developer and owner of other businesses.

We then built databases to power the four areas of the site which would be updated by Familian staff: Clients, Financial Partners, Completed Projects, and Property Listings. Familian staff adds, edits, and deletes this data via an easy-to-use, private "backroom" site.


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Familian Development Group

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