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The Innovation Center is a not-for-profit corporation funded by grants, private businesses, and public sources. There are three facets to their mission: (1) to help innovative companies grow; (2) to help established companies innovate; and (3) to foster innovation through public activities such as conferences, seminars, and workshops.
 Design Goals
The Innovation Center has many facets to their mission, each with its own name and identity. Our client wanted logos for each of these facets, but wanted the logos to maintain a "family look".
The Innovation Center logo and identity. The globe portion of this logo already existed; we made it more three dimensional. We replaced the “Oregon Innovation Center” text with “InnnovationCenter.Org”— so their identity became synonymous with their website’s domain name, and their reach was not limited to Oregon. We created a corporate identity by creating color and typeface standards for all our client’s communications.

Other logos. Our next logo assignment was for i2m (idea to marketplace). Here we introduced the light bulb element, which was later used in many of the other logos we designed, and used by our client as a promotional symbol of The Innovation Center.


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