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 Needs and Goals
The Bungalow Company designs modern plans for the craftsman homes of yesteryear. In order to grow, the company needed to move beyond their paper-and-ink stock plan catalog, and offer plans online. An important marketing goal was to differentiate the Bungalow Company from competing “stock plan” companies.
 Site Objectives
The website needed to communicate both the charm and benefits of the ”bungalow lifestyle”. A great deal of the site’s content changes often (plans & books for sale, portfolio, client support files)— so much of the site needed to be driven by databases, allowing in-house Bungalow Company staff to update the content themselves, quickly and easily.


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 Services Rendered
PureBlend designed the site’s architecture and crafted the marketing message. We created the 7 databases which drive the site’s e-commerce, portolio, planbook, and other sections. PureBlend did all the graphic design for the site.
Site visitations are up. Sales are up. Costs are down since there’s no longer much client demand for a printed paper-and-ink planbook. Clients feel more satisfied, thanks to the password-protected client support area that allows them to gain instant access to plan revisions.

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